Swimming as a sport has two primary objectives; the first is to make all children water confident and the second is to provide an avenue for those children who are talented in swimming to excel in the sport. In addition to the normal swimming slots during school time, we have implemented swimming squad sessions, where the children train after school in order to develop their potential. Commitment to these squad sessions is crucial. Our swimming team participates in local galas in the Helderberg basin, which are hosted on various days of the week. We also hold an annual Inter-House gala, in which we get as many children as possible involved.  

The weather in the fourth term is always changeable and, as a result, we only start swimming in November to ensure that we have warmer weather. We do provide the swimming squad with the opportunity to train in a heated pool so as to ensure that our swimmers are ready for the galas that take place at the beginning of November. The rule is that once we start swimming in November, the training will be assessed on a daily basis and that we do not swim when the water temperature drops below 19 degrees. Should that be the case, the children will then do land training. The wind-chill factor is also taken into account when making a decision about swimming or land training.