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Parents' Association

The Parents' Association, commonly referred to as the PA, is a committee of volunteer parents. The PA's principal objective is to serve the school in a supportive role and to endeavour to develop a sense of community within the parent body. It is not a decision or policy-making body of the school.

Key to Somerset College's growth and success is the active involvement of our parents. The Parents Association (PA) committee strives to harness the energy and talents of our families to further the interests of Somerset College through:

  • providing an effective communication platform between the PA and parents
  • building connections through events and projects to build the College community spirit
  • making a much-valued contribution through volunteering and fundraising 
The Prep and Senior PA teams work independently in terms of addressing the particular needs of their grades whilst closely collaborating for across campus initiatives. Please contact us to get involved or for more information:
Prep Somerset College PA -
Senior Somerset College PA -
The PA communicates primarily through a network of class and grade representatives in the primary and senior schools respectively, who form a vital link between parents and the school. 
Parent volunteers work their magic to bring us wonderful events from arranging class/grade family get togethers, the festive family picnic concert (1st term), a fun parent/staff quiz night (2 nd term), the elegant Our Hearts are Red (OHAR) dinner dance (3rd term) as well as the much enjoyed annual Golf and Boules Day (4 th term). Check the school calendar and save the dates to avoid missing out on these opportunities to enjoy our community.
The PA team invite all parents to actively support our school through the contribution of their time, talents, and/or resources. Lend a hand. Our mom and dad volunteers add "gees" to our sporting events with their tireless food production for hungry supporters and teams and help out with the preparation of music and drama concerts. The PA run events and projects also need enthusiastic organisers to join the teams. If you have a particular passion or skill or would just like the opportunity to connect with other parents, please get in touch through your class/grade rep or email the PA team directly.
Since its inception in 1997, Somerset College has grown from its farm origins to a world-class education facility, benefiting our learners and the wider community. Projects such as the ESTEAM building, Astro field and floodlights, as well as current projects such as the enhancement of the drama and library facilities, have been made possible by generous donations from families as well as PA events including the annual Somerset College lottery, auctions, and other focused fundraising initiatives.
We invite current families to make their contribution to support the growth and sustainability of the school as well as to enhance the learning experience for both students now and into the future. Please contact the Somerset College Business Manager, Heine Matthee at or to discuss opportunities to invest in our school, and support our PA fundraising projects.