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The Somerset College Online Programme presents an exciting opportunity for Grade 8 students who are best suited to an Online Learning environment to pursue either a South African NSC or an international qualification. With the Online Learning Programme, Somerset College has challenged the paradigm of traditional schooling and in doing so, has given students from all over the world the opportunity of becoming registered students of Somerset College. The future focused curriculum is easily accessed via the internet while focusing on ever important teacher-student engagement via a real-time virtual classroom.

All students will be registered at Somerset College and be entered in our school management system, namely Engage. This means that they will have access to the Engage portals (parent and student).

Students will follow a structured programme and will be “in class” regularly with their teachers. This is not a tutoring service for students following a home schooling route. Their timetables will be completed in line with our current day schedule.  Lessons and times will be available on their Engage portal. Register will be taken every lesson and absentees will be followed up on.



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Students will be assessed regularly to ensure that we monitor their progress. All examinations will be written online on camera and submitted via Google Classroom using a pdf scanner app, such as the CamScanner app. Online assessments including tests and examinations will be graded and returned online via the Google Classroom. Full academic reports will be issued every term.

Parents will have access to the teachers and will be invited to parent-teacher meetings, albeit online. Students will be linked to Google Classrooms for each subject. All material such as notes, memos, worksheets, tests and examinations will be made available via the Google Classroom.

This Programme is purely an academic offering and does not include extramural activities and the College outdoor education curriculum. 


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Grade 8 students will take the following subjects








Economic Management Sciences

Information Technology

Art and Design

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