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25th May 2021

This year the Somerset College Hockey season kicked off with a bang as the excitement exploded after a year under the COVID stronghold. It all began with the U16A boys setting an extremely high precedent at the Paarl Gimnasium Tournament that took place over the long weekend at the end of April. The boys played their hearts out and flew the college flag high by finishing 2nd after narrowly losing the final against Curro Durbanville on showdowns 2-0 after the game finished at a stalemate of 1-1.

Although it was a tough pill to swallow, the style of hockey, team chemistry and true grit the boys displayed was the most important aspect to come out of a great tournament. This showed that there is definitely a positive change in the hockey culture at Somerset College and only makes the future of Somerset College Hockey that more exciting.

Herewith are some results achieved by the boys throughout the tournament:

Game 1: 3-0 Win vs Paarl Gym

Game 2: 1-1 Draw vs DF Malan

Game 3: 1-0 Win vs Curro Durbanville

Game 4: 4-1 Win vs Swartland

Game 5: 2-0 Win vs Paul Roos

Game 6 (Final): 1-1 at full time vs Curro Durbanville, but lost 2-0 on showdowns. 

After the U16A boys reignited the Somerset College hockey season, matches and battles came thick and fast. On the weekend of the 1st of May, Somerset College took on Reddam Constantia. It was an extremely riveting start to the season as we saw almost all of our teams take full advantage of increasing their goal difference for the season. Some of the big scores included:

First Team boys won 14-0

First Team girls won 6-0

U16A boys won 12-0

U16A girls won 14-0

U14A girls drew 0-0

U14A boys lost 11-0 

Furthermore, the weekend of the 7th and 8th of May became one of the most educational and inspiring weekends for Somerset College hockey. Reason being, that we had the opportunity to set up a full two-day skills and training clinic, due to there being no matches for boys and girls that weekend. The clinic involved an hour and a half long session for each age group (u14 through to u19). The coaches honed in on specific technical skills and tactical aspects of the game to ensure that our hockey continues to grow to the next level. Not only did we have our top coaches running the clinic such as Ms Ainsleigh de Kock and Mr Mark Pickering, but the intensity and positive attitude that the boys and girls brought to the clinic were phenomenal. It was the perfect way to see how much College hockey is actually growing and going to the next level.

In addition to this weekend, the 1st team boys and girls were fortunate enough to arrange a fixture against Somerset West Hockey Club Men's and Ladies' 2nd sides. The 1st team boys played on the Friday afternoon in somewhat rainy and windy conditions and were able to pull off a draw by scoring in the last minute of the match to make it 1-1 at full time. It was a true test of character for our boys and a physical encounter that was positively accepted by the boys and was truly inspiring to see. 

On Saturday afternoon, our 1st team girls played their match and managed to beat SWHC Ladies 2nd team 2-1. It was amazing to see the spirit in which the game was played and also the manner in which our girls raised their level of play and adapted to playing what was a very strong and determined club team.

The month of May continued with our Girls’ hockey teams going up against DF Malan on the 10th. It was a tough and challenging day for the girls’ teams with most of our sides going down by a single goal. Although the results didn’t all go our way, the girls played their hearts out right down to the wire. The results below show how tight some of the games were on the day.

First Team Girls won 5-0

2 nd team Girls lost 3-0

U16A Girls won 5-1

U16B Girls drew 1-1

U14A Girls lost 1-0

U14B Girls lost 1-0 

On May the 14th our hockey players were fortunate enough to take on Potchefstroom Gimnasium, as well as Paul Roos. The games kicked off on Friday with a bang with the two 1st teams playing Potchefstroom Gimnasium. The 1st team boys won convincingly 7-0 followed by the 1st team Girls who achieved a thorough 8-1 win. These two games were followed by the 2nd team boys drawing 1-1 with Paul Roos U19D and then the U14B boys achieving an amazing 4-2 win vs Paul Roos U14D. It’s safe to say that Friday the 14th was a good day for hockey on our home turf!

A riveting 14th of May was followed by an even better 15th of May which saw every single Somerset College Hockey team grab a win against Strand High School. This weekend became a prime example of what we like to call – “the proof is in the pudding”. Enjoy this walkthrough of results:

Girls Results vs Strand:

1 st team Girls won 3-0

2 nd team Girls won 1-0

U16A Girls won 8-0

U16B Girls won 7-0

U14A Girls won 11-0

U14B Girls, unfortunately, were unable to have a game this weekend.

Boys Results vs Strand:

1 st team Boys won 6-0