Somerset College IEB Matric Results 2022 |
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Somerset College IEB Matric Results 2022

18th January 2023

We are once again extremely proud of the achievements of the Matric class of 2022 in their final examinations. In the 25 years since the school was founded we have aspired to excellence in academics while staying true to our ethos of holistic education, and this year we have achieved the highest standard in the history of the school. The Matrics of 2022 achieved an average of 3.8 A symbols per student which is a significant improvement on the school’s average of 3 A symbols per student - which has been maintained over the past six years. Furthermore, we are thrilled to have maintained our unbroken record of a 100% BD pass rate which ensures that, once again, all of our students can enter university.


In addition to a 100% university entrance pass rate and an exceptional average of 3.8 A symbols achieved per student, numerous students featured in the upper reaches of the IEB results nationally. Samuel Chemaly, Troy Curtin and Kiran Ehret were awarded Commendable Achievement awards for achieving within the top 5% of all IEB candidates nationally in five subjects and an A symbol for Life Orientation. Somerset College students were also awarded 23 Top 1% awards for featuring in the top 1% of their cohort nationally across a range of subjects.


In all our academic departments, the Somerset College average was higher than the national average. Our students attained an average over 10% higher than the national IEB average in twelve subjects, including Accounting, Afrikaans FAL, Geography, German SAL, History, Information Technology, Life Science, Mathematics, Further Studies Mathematics, Mathematical Literacy, Physical Science and Visual Art.


There is no question that the class of 2022 was impacted significantly by the constraints and instability of the Covid-19 pandemic during their formative grade 10 and grade 11 years. We commend them on the remarkable fortitude and resilience they have shown in navigating this event and many other challenges. Their success in their final examinations also bears testament to the highly professional, skilled and resilient teaching body who have continuously successfully navigated complexity, all the while supporting our colleagues and students and driving standards of excellence. The Student Develop Unit has also played a critical role in our students’ success, and we are grateful for their contribution. Thanks and recognition must also go to our parent body whose support for their children and the school has been unwavering.


We thank the Matrics of 2022 for the dignity with which they have carried themselves and for their remarkable contribution to the community during their time at Somerset College. We wish them well for the future.


Pass rate:  A 100% Bachelor Degree (University Entrance) pass

Number of A symbols:  315   

Commendable Achievements: (Achieved within top 5% in 5 subjects and achieved a rating level of 7 in Life Orientation) Samuel Chemaly, Troy Curtin, Kiran Ehret

Top 1% Awards in specific IEB subjects:  23

Further Studies Mathematics - A symbols:  15


Students with 9 A symbols:

Emma de Villiers

Kiran Ehret


Students with 8 A symbols:

Eric Böhmert

Benjamin Conolly

Andjela Mitrovic

Joshua Povall


Students with 7 A symbols: 

Adam Burger

Samuel Chemaly

Troy Curtin

Alexandra Dames

Alexia Falkenberg

Jemma Falkenberg

Hannah Gibson

Leigh Japhet

Megan Schmidt

James Tucker

Camryn Williams


Students with 6 A symbols: 

Leah Curtin

James Davies

Dylan Germishuys

Aiden Marais

Jordan Minnaar

Anya Roets

Helene von der Heyden