Somerset College announces 2019 Cambridge Results
13th January 2020

Our Cambridge Advanced Supplementary (AS) and Advanced Level (AL) students wrote their international examinations in October and November of 2019. The Cambridge Advanced Supplementary qualification is seen as the equivalent to the South African National Senior Certificate (Grade 12). This means that students who complete the AS examination successfully are eligible to enter South African universities. Students who complete the Advanced Level examinations successfully are also able to enter South African universities and can apply to international universities. The AL qualification is recognised as being higher than the South African National Senior Certificate by many universities locally and abroad.

We are very proud to release the 2019 results in both the AL and AS examinations.

47% of the AL students scored a B symbol or higher across all subjects. In AL, an A* relates to a result above 90%. An A* symbol was achieved in 10% of all subject entries.
In particular, 40% of our Computer Science students achieved over 90%, and more than 1 in 3 students achieved an A symbol in Mathematics Physics, History and English Literature.

Special mention must be made of Liam Cunningham (2A*, 2A) and Jacob Enthoven (1A*, 3A)
Other AL students who achieved excellent results are Robyn Austin (1A, 2B, 1C), Nick Geras (2A, 1B), Stephanie Juncker (1A, 2C), Ukhanyo Mdakane (2A, 2B), Alexander Murgatroyd (3B), Annalie Swanepoel (2A*, 1A, 1B), Lara Swanepoel (1A*, 2A, 1B) and Jana van Niekerk (2A*, 1A)

We congratulate all our AL students on their results and wish them well for 2020. At AS-Level, our students have prepared a solid foundation from which to excel when they continue on to A-Level in 2020.

27% of all AS subject entries resulted in an A symbol with 45% achieving a B symbol or higher.
40% of our AS students achieved an A symbol for Mathematics while 50% of our Physics students and 66% of our Computer Science students achieved A symbols.
Special mention must be made of Rachel Mudge (4A, 1B), Zoë Arendse (4A, 1B), Peter-Jack Harrison (4A, 1C) and Chloë Smit (4A, 1C).

We look forward to an excellent year with our AS students of 2019 moving into A-Level and a new group of highly motivated AS-Level students ready to take on the challenge of the Cambridge Advanced Level Programme in 2020.