Message from Mr Graham Sayer (Executive Head) to
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Message from Mr Graham Sayer (Executive Head) to the Class of 2022

18th January 2023

We knew that re-acclimatizing to a full programme for the first time in three years would present a challenge for our students, especially our Matrics. Meeting deadlines, pacing extended work, preparing for tests and exams, working towards portfolios, practicals and orals, participating in sports, cultural activities, plays, tours and concerts, serving at school events, leading teams, clubs and activities, and enjoying a full social life, after three years of a much lighter load, was no small challenge.


It hasn’t been easy, as we all know, but in you, the matric group of 2022, we have had excellent examples for our younger Grades to follow, across the whole scope of the school’s work and programmes: of enthusiastic participation, creativity, excellence, leadership, resilience, character, and a bit of mischief and fun along the way.


Now you have added to that achievement the distinction of having produced the best crop of Matric results in Somerset College’s 25-year history, in our 25th year. Please accept our warmest congratulations. We are very proud of you and we wish you a happy and fulfilling future.