Somerset College is pleased to present the IEB Senior Certificate examination results for the Matric Class of 2018. Once again, the students have achieved an excellent set of results and maintained the 100% pass rate established by the first Matric Class in 1999. These results are a reflection of the hardwork and commitment of both the students and staff at Somerset College.

Number of candidates: 91 fulltime candidates.

Pass rate:  A 100% Bachelor Degree (University Entrance) pass

Number of A symbols: 238 achieved by 72 students, of which 45 were results of 90% or above. 

Top 1% Awards: 12

Advanced Programme A symbols: 6 (5 in Mathematics and 1 in English).These are included in the reporting of the total A symbols achieved by the students.

Students with 8 A symbols:

Georgia Faure - A Commendable Achievement Award (5 subjects in the top 5% and a level 7 for Life Orientation). Top 1% in Consumer Studies, English, Life Orientation, Life Sciences. An A symbol Advanced Programme Mathematics included.

Anne Firth - Top 1% in Accounting. An A symbol in Advanced Programme Mathematics included.

Nic Williams - An A symbol in Advanced Programme Mathematics included

Students with 7 A symbols:

Rachel Budd - Top 1% in History and Mathematics. An A symbol in Advanced Programme Mathematics included.

Jessie Diepeveen

Alyce Firmani

Stephanie Halton

Thameenah Khalfey

Caroline Koch - Top 1% in Visual Art.

Lauren Opperman

Alistair Pyle - Top 1% in History.

Gabriel Ravenscroft - An A symbol in Advanced Programme Mathematics included.

Kiara Sani - An A symbol in Advanced Programme English included.

Students with 6 A symbols:

Annabel Gilfillan

Nicole Smith

Kaylin Strydom

Students with 5 A symbols:

Grace Anderson

Caitlyn Clinton - Top 1% in Maths Literacy.

Lennard Hartman

Nina Johnson - Top 1% in Geography.

Sarah Poole

Ruby Tinelli

Students with 4 A symbols:

Michaela Barrett

Willliam Brederode

Tanagh Breytenbach

Dale Dolpire

Liam Jackson

Neelashwari Naran

Emma Newton-King

Carmen Matthysen - Top 1% in Maths Literacy (1 A Symbol)