Our teaching and learning environment is further enhanced through our competitive sports offering, a trend-setting outdoor education programme, art and music departments that foster creative talents and personal voices, as well as outreach and leadership programmes that provide students with a host of opportunities to develop personal growth and impactful leadership.

Somerset College also offers a wide array of extension opportunities through diverse clubs, local and overseas sports, cultural and academic tours, provincial, national and international competitions, current affairs and expert speakers, and a challenging personal development programme. This is all supported by a dedicated pastoral system, consisting of tutors, Grade Heads and our Student Development Unit, which ensures that students are known and valued as individuals with unique potential, who are a dynamic part of growing our future together.

We are able to achieve to the top of our ability, representing ourselves, or even our country on so many levels. It is something world-class and I take pride in being part of Somerset College. - Somerset College Student