Board of Govenors

Somerset College is a section 21 company, not for profit, and is overseen by a Board of Govenors, which is charged with formulating policy and furthering the school's mission and directing strategic thinking while supporting the Heads of School.


Nicky Newton-King (Chairman), Adam Pyle (Parents’ Association), Chris Campbell (Old Oaks), Michael van Wyk (Finance), Grant Harries (Buildings & Grounds), Johan Holtzhausen, Graham Sayer, Heine Matthee, Mimi Sekoboane.

Ex-Officio members: Megan van der Poll, Craig Verdal-Austin 

The Board comprises a Chairman, Deputy Chairman, and various chairs of sub-committees. The various sub-committees meet regularly and assist the Board and Heads in managing the school by providing guidance and wisdom when necessary.

No Board members (save for the management employed by the school) or trustees receive remuneration of any nature from the school or any related entity, and serve on an entirely voluntary basis.