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At Somerset College Aftercare is not just an extension of the school day, but a dedicated child-centred service that meets the unique and specific needs of the individual child. This service, seen as being part of our holistic approach to the care and development of our students, is provided at no additional charge from 2021, and is available after school until 17:30 each weekday afternoon.

For the convenience of parents who need to leave early to get to work, Pre-care is offered for Grade 000 - Grade 3 from 07:00 to 07:30.

At the end of a busy school day children need a special place where they can relax, play, and feel at home; a place where they can enjoy a combination of structured activities and supervised free play before they return to their own homes at the end of the day.

Parents, in turn, need to know that their children are in a safe, organised and happy environment, cared for by staff who are passionate about childcare, and have the enthusiasm and energy to engage with the children in a positive way.

In keeping with the differing developmental needs of each age group, the Pre-Prep, Foundation Phase (Grade 1-3) and Senior Prep grades are all accommodated in separate venues. This allows for specific attention to be paid to the need for the youngest children to have a quiet place to nap and plenty of time to play in a large space with a wide range of playground equipment. Older children are able to receive structured and undisturbed homework supervision as well as time to relax and play with their peers.

The Aftercare programme provides a good routine for the children, including supervised free play, a wide range of extramural activities (provided at an additional cost), homework supervision, snacks and naps.

Lunches are not provided but may be ordered from the Prep School Tuckshop and are delivered to the Aftercare. Staff at the Aftercare are able to hygienically store and reheat home packed lunches. Snack time is always fun time at Aftercare with fruit and biscuits at the ready for munching on after a busy afternoon of play.

Sunny summer afternoons are perfect for enjoying JCs and hot chocolate warms the coldest of winter days. At our Aftercare, parents can have peace of mind that their children will be cared for during the school holidays. A full, fun-packed holiday programme is presented at our Aftercare venue by a certified and approved children's care provider and an additional fee is charged for this service.

The Aftercare team provides a vital and valuable service to the parents and children at the Pre-prep and Prep school. They form an important partnership with teachers and parents with regard to the care of our precious children, and they are here to make a difference.

Full details of the daily programme, extramural activities and the ordering of lunches are available from the Manager of the Aftercare, as well as details regarding Registration for weekly or ad hoc attendance at Aftercare.

Tariffs for 2020

Grade 000 to Grade 3 – Monday to Friday (12h15 to 17h00, or part thereof): R1330 per term

Grade 4 to Grade 7 – Monday to Friday (16h00 to 17h00, or part thereof): R840 per term

Ad-hoc: R45 per afternoon

The relevant amount will be debited directly to your school account at the beginning of each term.

You are welcome to change your option at the beginning of each term if your needs change.